I’m putting my hand in your hand now

Audio Backing Track I’m putting my hand in your hand nowOh Jesus I ask of youLet your Spirit flow right through my heart (x2) Heal me Lord, touch me LordLet your Spirit flow right through my heart (x2) Lyrique fran�ais Steve Bradshaw© 1993 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

Here I am Bowed

Audio and sheet music coming soon Here I’m Bowed, kneeling nowin the stillness of this time I long to make you mineHere I’m bowed, kneeling nowI’ve opened up my heartsurrendered every part 1. I look to YouYou give me hopeI know you’ll see me throughAnd when I need you Lord you are thereand if I stumble, … Read more

To be with you

Audio Backing Track I love to be with you JesusListening to your voiceAnd when I hear you speak my nameMy heart and soul rejoice And it you said “Jump” I’d jump for joyAnd if you said “Run” I’d run to your sideAnd it you said “Leap” I’d take a leap of faith And if you said … Read more

Spirit, Holy Spirit

Audio Backing Track Spirit (echo)Holy Spirit (echo)Fall on me (x2) I want to know that your presence is nearI want to know that your power is hereI want the weight of your glory to fall on meSo come now Holy…. I want to know that you’re here in this placeHealing our lives and enlarging our … Read more

Some days are not easy

Audio Backing Track Some days are not easySome days are toughSometimes people hurt you and you’ve just had enoughWhere have all your friends gone, who can you findTo listen to the worries that spin round in your mind Tell me what shall I do, who can I trustWho will be with me and won’t let … Read more

Perfect love

Audio Backing Track You accept me as I amYou love me through and throughLord, where can I go to flee your presence?No sin can separate, no circumstance I face nowCan part me from your pure and perfect love Perfect love (flows from the Father)Perfect love (flows through the Son)I thank you for your pure and … Read more

I’m so excited

Audio Backing Track I’m so excited, Lord, I can’t keep stillI’ve got to jump up and down on my feetCos when I think about the way that you love me, LordI know I just can’t sit in my seat, no Ooh, it starts in my heart nowThen it flows through my bodyOoh this feeling inside … Read more

A time to mourn

Audio Backing Track Lyrics A time to mourn and a time to danceA time to weep and a time to laughThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeA time for silence and a time to speakA time to fight and a time for peaceThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeThough the grass will wither … Read more