We are excited to be working on a new album of lullabies – details coming soon!

Below is the list in reverse chronological order of our albums to date

i:Praise – released in 2011

The second in the i Series, this album contains a mix of songs old and new, all themed on praise and thanksgiving. With really strong arrangements, and great vocals, this release has proved really popular.

i:Pray – released in 2006

Songs on the theme of prayer, and songs that are prayers, songs from this album have been widely used in churches, schools and by individuals

Get into the Word – released in 2004

A 2 disc CD/CD-Rom album and teaching resource for children on the Bible. Includes ‘If you have faith’ and ‘Lead me on, Lord’.

FW4 – Rising Generation – released in 2001

The final album in the ‘Family Worship’ series. Includes ‘I will lift up the name of the Lord’, ‘Peace Child’ and ‘Whiter than the snow’.

Teach us to pray – released in 1999

An album of songs for children on prayer with an accompanying book. Includes ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘If you believe’.

FW3 – Fire & Rain – released in 1996

Fire & Rain really fulfils the all-age promise. Includes ‘Dance on the streets’, ‘Jesus, thank you for the cross’, ‘I’d reach for the stars’.

FW2 – With one voice – released in 1995

Building on the success of the first CD, ‘With One Voice’ developed the idea to the next stage. Includes ‘Come and sing’ and ‘Waterfall’.

FW1 Let praise break out – released in 1993

The original (and some still say best) Family Worship CD was the beginning. Includes ‘I reach up high’ and ‘I’m singing your praise’.