Rising Generation Music was established in 2011 and is the successor organisation to Family Worship Resources, which was established in 1993. Led by Mike & Sue Burn, the vision has always been to provide songs and resources for all ages, in the context of contemporary christian worship.

The songs come from a grass roots level in local churches, and a wide range of writers and collaborators have been involved over the years. The aim is to produce songs that are of a high quality musically and lyrically that are “accessible to children and acceptable to adults”.

Our belief is that songs that are written with children in mind should have the highest standards of lyrical and theological quality, as they will be helping to shape and inform the thinking, understanding and faith of children as they grow.

Many children in the UK, and many other nations, have little or no exposure to the Bible, so one persistent theme through the songs has been the use of scriptures, to help get the ancient truths of the christian story across in memorable and enjoyable ways.

RGM is not for profit, and any royalties and incomes from sales of CDs and other resources is ploughed back into producing further resources. We also support a range of charitable initiatives in the UK and around the world, including One Way School in Harare, Zimbabwe.