Christmas Resources

The songs below, Peace Child and Stepping Down, are ideal for use in Christmas services, concerts and events – you may use them freely. There is also a DVD of Peace Child available in the Shop, which comes with 5 free Christmas cards featuring stills from the video.

Scroll down also for the new song, “Sleep Little Child”, which is to the tune of Silent Night, and there are lyric videos with or without vocals. The instrumental version features flugelhorn, and is ideal for Christmas services, concerts and events.

Peace Child

Written for the new millennium celebrations in 2000, Peace Child has been widely used in churches, cathedrals and schools, for nativity plays, carol services and concerts. It works well as a performance piece, as well as a congregational song.

Peace Child


Backing Track

Who could have dared to dream it
Who would have dared to hope?
That the author of creation
Should become as one of us
The God who is everywhere
Chose to be confined
To a moment in history
The birth of a child
And an ocean of love poured out
A fountain of grace sprang up
And the voice of God could be heard in a baby’s cry

Come to the Peace Child
Let him still your soul
He was the only one
Who could bring hope to this world
As the centuries have passed
and our search for peace goes on
It’s still to be found in the heart of a child

And as we mark each New Year
We give thanks for the past
For we know our God is faithful
He is worthy of our trust
And through the world’s suffering
Through all the pain
He knows what it feels like
He knew it as a man
And an ocean of love is ours
A fountain of grace still flows
And the voice of God whispers into our hearts once more

Unto us a child is born
Unto us a son is giv’n
He’ll be called Wonderful Counsellor
Mighty God, Eternal Father
Prince of Peace

Mike Burn
© 2001 Rising Generation Music

Stepping Down (I praise your name)

This song is ideal for advent, and focuses on the reason Jesus came, from the cradle to the cross. You are welcome to freely stream or download the video, MP3, backing track, and sheet music.

Stepping Down (I praise your name)



Stepping down from heaven’s glorious light
To a suffering world in depths of night
Risking all for us
You came
Putting on the clothes of mortal man
Trusting in your Father’s daring plan
Born as one of us
You came

I praise your name
Jesus, the one who came

Even though you knew you’d been betrayed
By the closest friends on earth you’d made
Still you made your choice
You died
Bearing pain beyond all man could know
Carrying the shame we should have owned
Speaking words of love
You died

But your death was not the end of hope
Three long days and nights, but now we know
Death itself had died
You rose
Now our lives and souls have been transformed
Mercy, peace and hope are ours to own
So with joy we sing
You rose

Mike Burn
© 2010 Rising Generation Music

Sleep Little Child – new song to the tune of Silent Night

For lyrics, sheet music, etc. please visit and you can order this CD from the RGM Shop