I’m so excited


Backing Track

I’m so excited, Lord, I can’t keep still
I’ve got to jump up and down on my feet
Cos when I think about the way that you love me, Lord
I know I just can’t sit in my seat, no

Ooh, it starts in my heart now
Then it flows through my body
Ooh this feeling inside me I know that it’s You
I just can’t hide it, got to let It show now, yeah, yeah

Jumping up and down, whoa, dancing with Jesus
And I’m spinning round and round, whoa, dancing with Jesus now 
I clap my hands to show, whoa I love you Jesus
And I raise my arms to show, whoa, I love you Jesus now

Just being here with you is oh so precious
It’s a feeling I will never forget
And now I feel your Spirit moving within me, Lord
I thank you for this moment we share, yea

Audrey Traynor
© 1996 Rising Generation Music

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