Here I am Bowed

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Here I’m Bowed, kneeling now
in the stillness of this time I long to make you mine
Here I’m bowed, kneeling now
I’ve opened up my heart
surrendered every part

1. I look to You
You give me hope
I know you’ll see me through
And when I need you 
Lord you are there
and if I stumble, Lord, you stil care

2. I give to You
all that I am
and all the things I do
and now as I approach your throne
it’s You and I
Lord, we’re alone 

And I can come no other way, Lord
here I’m bowed on humble knees
and I am waiting here to change my life
O lord help me, please! 

© 2001 Audrey Traynor and Lynette Boyland

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