Stepping down from heaven’s glorious light

Audio Lyrics Stepping down from heaven’s glorious lightTo a suffering world in depths of nightRisking all for usYou camePutting on the clothes of mortal manTrusting in your Father’s daring planBorn as one of usYou came I praise your nameJesus, the one who came Even though you knew you’d been betrayedBy the closest friends on earth … Read more

Grace and love

Grace and love you have shown meI will never be the sameIn your love and your forgivenessyou took my sin awayyou took the blame O, Jesus, how can I love you more?O, Jesus, how can I love you more? (chorus) O, Jesus, how can I thank you, Lord?O, Jesus, how can I thank you, Lord? … Read more

God is our Father

1.God is our Father in heaven aboveand he cares for his childrenwith infinite loveOur worries are needlesslook up in the skywhere care free and singingand birds freely fly Their maker who knows themsupplies all their foodhow much more is our Fatherconcerned for our good For our Father in heaven knows all of our needshe will … Read more

Celebrate Jesus

Celebrate Jesus because He is good,his mercy forever enduresCelebrate Jesus because he is good,celebrate the Lord above all lords 1.Raising the humble one,healing the broken heartsetting the pris’ner freepours out anointing oil,flooding my heart with joyCelebrate! 2. He is the King of Kingsreigns over ev’rythinghe’s the Almighty Onehis love will never endgreater than anythingCelebrate © … Read more

All the world can offer

All the world can offer, none of it compares with youAll the gold and silver can’t replace the God I loveAll the world sees precious, one day it will fade awayand all its greatest treasures, they are worth nothing compared to you Because you love me, because you called mebecause you save me I’m not … Read more

I’m so excited

Audio Backing Track I’m so excited, Lord, I can’t keep stillI’ve got to jump up and down on my feetCos when I think about the way that you love me, LordI know I just can’t sit in my seat, no Ooh, it starts in my heart nowThen it flows through my bodyOoh this feeling inside … Read more

Father I do adore you

Audio Backing Track Father I do adore youWorship before youI love you Lord (x2) You have opened up my eyes to see such beauty in your faceA love that cared enough to set me freeAnd my heart is filled with wonderAt the glory of your graceI’m so thankful, Lord that now you live in me … Read more

Better than life

Audio Backing Track Oh oh oh GodYou are my GodAnd my soulIs hungry for youAnd when I’m dry and tiredIt’s only you that can satisfy Because your loveIs better than lifeIt will last for everIt will last foreverAnd oh your loveIs better than lifeIt will last for everIt will last forever And in the nightI … Read more