God is our Father

1.God is our Father in heaven above
and he cares for his children
with infinite love
Our worries are needless
look up in the sky
where care free and singing
and birds freely fly

Their maker who knows them
supplies all their food
how much more is our Father
concerned for our good

For our Father in heaven knows all of our needs
he will care for us always
we surrender our all
and make the kingdom of heaven our goal 

2. Look at the lilies
and see how they grow
they are clothed by God’s goodness
in beautiful show
Our Father in heaven
who cares for each flower
provides for us always
so great is his power

The kingdom of heaven
and his righteousness
we will seek with a passion
so all may be blessed 

David Lyle Morris
© 2001 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music

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