I’m putting my hand in your hand now

Audio Backing Track I’m putting my hand in your hand nowOh Jesus I ask of youLet your Spirit flow right through my heart (x2) Heal me Lord, touch me LordLet your Spirit flow right through my heart (x2) Lyrique fran�ais Steve Bradshaw© 1993 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

Celebrate Jesus

Celebrate Jesus because He is good,his mercy forever enduresCelebrate Jesus because he is good,celebrate the Lord above all lords 1.Raising the humble one,healing the broken heartsetting the pris’ner freepours out anointing oil,flooding my heart with joyCelebrate! 2. He is the King of Kingsreigns over ev’rythinghe’s the Almighty Onehis love will never endgreater than anythingCelebrate © … Read more

You are the best

Audio Backing Track You are the best, better than all the restJesus, you’re the best (x2) Jesus we love you because you died upon the crossThank you Lord for dying for our sinsWhen we feel that life is like a storm you give your peaceAnd when we need you, Lord you rescue us Thank you, … Read more

Spirit, Holy Spirit

Audio Backing Track Spirit (echo)Holy Spirit (echo)Fall on me (x2) I want to know that your presence is nearI want to know that your power is hereI want the weight of your glory to fall on meSo come now Holy…. I want to know that you’re here in this placeHealing our lives and enlarging our … Read more

Prayer can make a difference

Audio Backing Track Prayer can make a differencePrayer can make a differencePrayer can make a differenceSo pray! (x2) Through prayer our God can healWe believe in miraclesThrough prayer a whole situation can changeThrough prayer a person can be born again Nothing has such powerAs a prayer to God my FatherThere’s no-one else who can do … Read more

Let’s get fit

Audio Backing Track It’s time for the body to grow nowIt’s time for the fruit to show nowIt’s time for the world to know nowSo let’s get fitIt’s time to release the light nowIt’s time for the church to fight nowLet’s train with all our might nowSo let’s get fit There is healing….and there is … Read more

Is anyone in trouble

Audio Backing Track Is anyone in trouble, they should prayIs anyone happy, let them sing songs of praise (x2)Is anyone sick let them call for the eldersAnd the prayer of faith will make the sick person well (x2)This piece of advice can clearly be seenIn James chapter 5, 13 to 15 Mike Burn© 1998 Rising … Read more

Healing River

Audio Backing Track Through the cross Jesus you triumphedBy your blood you bought our peaceWhere there once was death and separationYour healing river flows  Let it flow, let it flowLet the healing river flowGracious God we cry to youLet the healing river flow  Bind up wounds within our homes, LordReconcile husbands and wivesTurn the fathers’ … Read more

A rainfall in drought

Audio A rainfall in drought, the birth of the kingYou had no beauty to draw us near The price for our peace, the shedblood of GodYour body pierced, your spirit crushed  O Lord you’ve revealed your redeeming plan in the sight of the nationsthat the ends of the earth may see your great salvation,by your … Read more