Stepping down from heaven’s glorious light

Audio Lyrics Stepping down from heaven’s glorious lightTo a suffering world in depths of nightRisking all for usYou camePutting on the clothes of mortal manTrusting in your Father’s daring planBorn as one of usYou came I praise your nameJesus, the one who came Even though you knew you’d been betrayedBy the closest friends on earth … Read more

You are the best

Audio Backing Track You are the best, better than all the restJesus, you’re the best (x2) Jesus we love you because you died upon the crossThank you Lord for dying for our sinsWhen we feel that life is like a storm you give your peaceAnd when we need you, Lord you rescue us Thank you, … Read more

You are a kind and loving God

Audio Backing Track You are a kind and loving GodYou keep us safe, watch over usYou know our lives in every partYou care for us You did not leave us on the earthAll alone and out of touchBut you left your home in heavenGave your life upon the crossWe are guided by your SpiritWe are … Read more

Whiter than the snow

Audio Backing Track Whiter than the snowPurer than the clearest streamWash me and I’ll beBathed in purityI long to feel cleanA robe of righteousnessA robe that I could not affordMy Lord you paid the priceYour perfect sacrificeHas covered up my shame And so I thank you, JesusFor the sweet forgiveness of the crossIt’s a mystery … Read more

The depth of a mystery

Audio Backing Track The depth of a mysteryThe turning point of historyThe cross of Christ revealed the very heart of GodThe searing pain before himThe crushing isolationWere vivid in his mindThe day before he bore it As the hour of his suffering relentlessly drew nearHe carefully prepared one last supper for his friendsPouring the wine, … Read more

See the love of God poured out

Audio Backing Track 1. See the love of God poured outLook to the crossGaze upon the one we piercedLook to the crossSee him taste the bitter wineLook to the cross‘It is finished’ was his cryLook to the cross Look to the crossThere the King of Love was lifted up for all the world to seeLook … Read more

Rising Generation

Audio Backing Track We are God’s chosen holy nationWe belong to him aloneAnd may this rising generationWorship Christ upon his throneWorship Christ upon his throne We believe in God the FatherAnd in Christ his precious SonWe believe he died to save usCame to call us as his own We believe he sends his SpiritOn us … Read more

O King of love

Audio Backing Track Oh King of loveThere is none like youAlmighty GodLover of this child Oh and Jesus you are beautifulJesus you are wonderfulThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Worship JesusWorshipThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Jo Puleston© 2001 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

Let us run

Audio Backing Track Let us run with perseverance the race set out before usLet us fix our eyes on JesusThe author and perfector of our faith (x2) In the beginning the Word was with GodThrough him all of us were madeHe began a work in us, a good work to perfectUntil he returns again Since … Read more

Jesus, thank you for the cross

Audio Backing Track Jesus, thank you for the crossHolding nothing back, you did all your father askedI’ll never know just how it feltAs you died, lifted highI know It hurt I know the painWas more than words could ever sayYou had a choice, you chose to dieYour sacrifice has saved my lifeWhat can I say? … Read more