Here I am Bowed

Audio and sheet music coming soon Here I’m Bowed, kneeling nowin the stillness of this time I long to make you mineHere I’m bowed, kneeling nowI’ve opened up my heartsurrendered every part 1. I look to YouYou give me hopeI know you’ll see me throughAnd when I need you Lord you are thereand if I stumble, … Read more

Rising Generation

Audio Backing Track We are God’s chosen holy nationWe belong to him aloneAnd may this rising generationWorship Christ upon his throneWorship Christ upon his throne We believe in God the FatherAnd in Christ his precious SonWe believe he died to save usCame to call us as his own We believe he sends his SpiritOn us … Read more

O King of love

Audio Backing Track Oh King of loveThere is none like youAlmighty GodLover of this child Oh and Jesus you are beautifulJesus you are wonderfulThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Worship JesusWorshipThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Jo Puleston© 2001 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

Lord we lift you high

Audio Backing Track Lord we lift you high when we praise your nameWhen we worship you and our hands are raisedThat is how we lift you upLord we lift you high when we tell the truthWhen we give our best in everything we doThat is how we lift you up By our voices be lifted, … Read more

Let’s get fit

Audio Backing Track It’s time for the body to grow nowIt’s time for the fruit to show nowIt’s time for the world to know nowSo let’s get fitIt’s time to release the light nowIt’s time for the church to fight nowLet’s train with all our might nowSo let’s get fit There is healing….and there is … Read more

Let praise break out

Audio Backing Track Let praise break out and let worship flowGod’s name be praised and his glory known (x2) Build up build up the highwayRaise a banner for the nationsRighteousness, righteousness and praiseShall spring up before all nationsSee your Saviour comes, see your Saviour comesSo let praise break out and let worship flow Mike Burn© … Read more

I reach up high

Audio Backing Track I reach up high, I touch the groundI stomp my feet and I turn aroundI’ve got to praise the LordI jump and dance with all my mightI might look funny but that’s alrightI’ve got to praise the Lord I’ll do anything just for my GodCos he’s done everything for meIt doesn’t matter … Read more

Healing River

Audio Backing Track Through the cross Jesus you triumphedBy your blood you bought our peaceWhere there once was death and separationYour healing river flows  Let it flow, let it flowLet the healing river flowGracious God we cry to youLet the healing river flow  Bind up wounds within our homes, LordReconcile husbands and wivesTurn the fathers’ … Read more

Father’s seeking

Audio Backing Track Father’s seeking those who’ll worship himWorship him in Spirit and in truthFrom every nation, each generationFather, teach your people how to sing Sing a new song, with one voiceHear the instruments now rejoiceLet their music stir us up to praiseLifting hearts up full of loveLifting holy hands to our GodJoining angels singing … Read more

Father I do adore you

Audio Backing Track Father I do adore youWorship before youI love you Lord (x2) You have opened up my eyes to see such beauty in your faceA love that cared enough to set me freeAnd my heart is filled with wonderAt the glory of your graceI’m so thankful, Lord that now you live in me … Read more