Heavenly Father

1. Heavenly Fathermay your holy name be lifted high in all the earthHeavenly Fatherlet your kingdom come, and your will be done in all the earth I will follow you to the ends of the earthI will give to you ev’ry day of my lifeI will thirst for you from the depths of my soulI … Read more

When you pray

Audio Backing Track When you pray, go into your own roomWhen you pray, close the door (x2)Pray to Father, who is unseenAnd your Father, who sees what you doHe’ll reward you When you pray, don’t use lots of long wordsWhen you pray, as some people doThey think if their prayers go on for agesGod will … Read more

Watch and Pray

Audio Backing Track In Matthew 26, verse 41Jesus spoke these words to his friends:Watch and pray, watch and praySo that you don’t fall into temptationWatch and pray, watch and prayThe spirit is willing but the body is weak Mike Burn© 1998 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

The Lord’s Prayer

Audio Backing Track Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your nameYour kingdom come, your will be doneOn earth as it is in heavenGive us today our daily breadAnd forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against usLead us not into temptationBut deliver us from evilFor the kingdom, the power and the gloryAre … Read more

Prayer can make a difference

Audio Backing Track Prayer can make a differencePrayer can make a differencePrayer can make a differenceSo pray! (x2) Through prayer our God can healWe believe in miraclesThrough prayer a whole situation can changeThrough prayer a person can be born again Nothing has such powerAs a prayer to God my FatherThere’s no-one else who can do … Read more

Pray at all times

Audio Backing Track Pray at all times, never ceasingAsk for what you need with thanksgivingJoin together in agreementAnd together we’ll see the kingdom come Give thanks to the Father for he hears all our prayersGive thanks to the Son for he prays for usGive thanks to the Spirit for when we don’t know how to … Read more

Oh I’m fighting

Audio Backing Track Oh I’m fighting, but not against peopleIt’s a battle of good and evilBut I don’t need a gunI don’t need a swordI don’t need sticks and I don’t need stonesMy weapons are not of this world  I’ll fight with a prayer of faithI’ll fight with a shout of praiseAnd my weapon is … Read more

Love rain down

Audio Backing Track Let it rain, let it rain, let it rainLet it rain on every nation (x2) Take our hearts as fuel for the fireNow is the time to see your powerTake our prayers as abundant rainOpen up the floodgates of heavenLet the trumpet sound and the rain come down Love rain down, down … Read more

Is anyone in trouble

Audio Backing Track Is anyone in trouble, they should prayIs anyone happy, let them sing songs of praise (x2)Is anyone sick let them call for the eldersAnd the prayer of faith will make the sick person well (x2)This piece of advice can clearly be seenIn James chapter 5, 13 to 15 Mike Burn© 1998 Rising … Read more

If you believe

Audio Backing Track If you believe, you will receiveWhatever you ask for in prayer (x2)Matthew 21, verse 22 Mike Burn© 1998 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos