Have you not seen?

Audio Backing Track Have you not seen? Have you not seen, have you not heard?The Lord is pouring his Spirit outHave you not seen, have you not heard?The Lord is pouring his Spirit out today Come Lord Jesus, more of you we cryOpen heaven, answer with your fire Fire on the church, rain on the … Read more

Drawn from every tribe

1. Drawn from ev’ry tribe, ev’ry tongue and nationgathered before the throne.Casting down their crowns, they fall at his feetand worship the Lord aloneWhat a glorious sight, dressed in robes of whitewashed by the blood of the Lamb. Singing praise and glory,wisdom and thankshonour, power and strengthbe to our God, forever and ever, amen 2. … Read more

Calling on the Spirit

Backing Track Calling on the Spirit (echo)Holy Spirit (echo)Come down to us (echo)In fire and rain (echo)Fire brings us holiness (echo)Purity and passion (echo)Rain revives us (echo)Gives us hope again We’ve been waiting, now’s the timeHear our hearts, hear our cryLet the Spirit move on everyoneLet the fire fall, let the rain come down Calling … Read more

Spirit, Holy Spirit

Audio Backing Track Spirit (echo)Holy Spirit (echo)Fall on me (x2) I want to know that your presence is nearI want to know that your power is hereI want the weight of your glory to fall on meSo come now Holy…. I want to know that you’re here in this placeHealing our lives and enlarging our … Read more