Drawn from every tribe

1. Drawn from ev’ry tribe, ev’ry tongue and nationgathered before the throne.Casting down their crowns, they fall at his feetand worship the Lord aloneWhat a glorious sight, dressed in robes of whitewashed by the blood of the Lamb. Singing praise and glory,wisdom and thankshonour, power and strengthbe to our God, forever and ever, amen 2. … Read more

The depth of a mystery

Audio Backing Track The depth of a mysteryThe turning point of historyThe cross of Christ revealed the very heart of GodThe searing pain before himThe crushing isolationWere vivid in his mindThe day before he bore it As the hour of his suffering relentlessly drew nearHe carefully prepared one last supper for his friendsPouring the wine, … Read more

O King of love

Audio Backing Track Oh King of loveThere is none like youAlmighty GodLover of this child Oh and Jesus you are beautifulJesus you are wonderfulThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Worship JesusWorshipThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Jo Puleston© 2001 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

I’m singing your praise, Lord

Audio Backing Track I’m singing your praise, LordI’m singing your praiseTo show the world that I love you JesusI’m singing your praise So many ways Lord, so much that I can doTo lift your name in all the earthTo show that l love you I’m clapping my hands, Lord… I’m shouting your name, Lord… I’m … Read more

I’d reach for the stars

Audio Backing Track I’d reach, for the starsClimb the highest mountainRun a million milesSwim the widest seaJump over the moonThat’s how much I love youI’d do anything for you my Lord What can I say, what can I do?To show you Jesus that I love youI give you my heart, I give you my songOh … Read more

Father I do adore you

Audio Backing Track Father I do adore youWorship before youI love you Lord (x2) You have opened up my eyes to see such beauty in your faceA love that cared enough to set me freeAnd my heart is filled with wonderAt the glory of your graceI’m so thankful, Lord that now you live in me … Read more

A time to mourn

Audio Backing Track Lyrics A time to mourn and a time to danceA time to weep and a time to laughThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeA time for silence and a time to speakA time to fight and a time for peaceThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeThough the grass will wither … Read more