Heavenly Father

1. Heavenly Fathermay your holy name be lifted high in all the earthHeavenly Fatherlet your kingdom come, and your will be done in all the earth I will follow you to the ends of the earthI will give to you ev’ry day of my lifeI will thirst for you from the depths of my soulI … Read more

The Lord’s Prayer

Audio Backing Track Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your nameYour kingdom come, your will be doneOn earth as it is in heavenGive us today our daily breadAnd forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against usLead us not into temptationBut deliver us from evilFor the kingdom, the power and the gloryAre … Read more

Peace Child

Audio Backing Track Who could have dared to dream itWho would have dared to hope?That the author of creationShould become as one of usThe God who is everywhereChose to be confinedTo a moment in historyThe birth of a childAnd an ocean of love poured outA fountain of grace sprang upAnd the voice of God could … Read more

Oh I’m fighting

Audio Backing Track Oh I’m fighting, but not against peopleIt’s a battle of good and evilBut I don’t need a gunI don’t need a swordI don’t need sticks and I don’t need stonesMy weapons are not of this world  I’ll fight with a prayer of faithI’ll fight with a shout of praiseAnd my weapon is … Read more

O King of love

Audio Backing Track Oh King of loveThere is none like youAlmighty GodLover of this child Oh and Jesus you are beautifulJesus you are wonderfulThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Worship JesusWorshipThe blood you shedMeans I can now go free Jo Puleston© 2001 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

Give and it shall be given

Audio Backing Track Give and it shall be givenOh you can’t out-give the Lord your GodOne thing is certain in the Kingdom of heavenThe measure you give is the measure you’ll receive And it’ll be pressed down, shaken togetherAnd overflowing (x2) Don’t rob God of your firstfruitsGive the most you can and then some moreHe … Read more