Celebrate Jesus

Celebrate Jesus because He is good,his mercy forever enduresCelebrate Jesus because he is good,celebrate the Lord above all lords 1.Raising the humble one,healing the broken heartsetting the pris’ner freepours out anointing oil,flooding my heart with joyCelebrate! 2. He is the King of Kingsreigns over ev’rythinghe’s the Almighty Onehis love will never endgreater than anythingCelebrate © … Read more

Lord we cry out

Audio Backing Track Lord we cry out to youLord we cry out to youHave mercy, have mercy on us Open our eyes to seeOpen our eyes to seeWe want to see, we want to see you Lord we will follow youLord we will follow youWe’ll follow you, we’ll follow in the way of truth Wes … Read more