God is our Father

1.God is our Father in heaven aboveand he cares for his childrenwith infinite loveOur worries are needlesslook up in the skywhere care free and singingand birds freely fly Their maker who knows themsupplies all their foodhow much more is our Fatherconcerned for our good For our Father in heaven knows all of our needshe will … Read more

You are a kind and loving God

Audio Backing Track You are a kind and loving GodYou keep us safe, watch over usYou know our lives in every partYou care for us You did not leave us on the earthAll alone and out of touchBut you left your home in heavenGave your life upon the crossWe are guided by your SpiritWe are … Read more

Perfect love

Audio Backing Track You accept me as I amYou love me through and throughLord, where can I go to flee your presence?No sin can separate, no circumstance I face nowCan part me from your pure and perfect love Perfect love (flows from the Father)Perfect love (flows through the Son)I thank you for your pure and … Read more

Peace Child

Audio Backing Track Who could have dared to dream itWho would have dared to hope?That the author of creationShould become as one of usThe God who is everywhereChose to be confinedTo a moment in historyThe birth of a childAnd an ocean of love poured outA fountain of grace sprang upAnd the voice of God could … Read more

Give and it shall be given

Audio Backing Track Give and it shall be givenOh you can’t out-give the Lord your GodOne thing is certain in the Kingdom of heavenThe measure you give is the measure you’ll receive And it’ll be pressed down, shaken togetherAnd overflowing (x2) Don’t rob God of your firstfruitsGive the most you can and then some moreHe … Read more

A time to mourn

Audio Backing Track Lyrics A time to mourn and a time to danceA time to weep and a time to laughThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeA time for silence and a time to speakA time to fight and a time for peaceThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeThough the grass will wither … Read more