God is our Father

1.God is our Father in heaven aboveand he cares for his childrenwith infinite loveOur worries are needlesslook up in the skywhere care free and singingand birds freely fly Their maker who knows themsupplies all their foodhow much more is our Fatherconcerned for our good For our Father in heaven knows all of our needshe will … Read more

From where the sun rises

1. From where the sun rises, even to the place it goes downwe’re giving You praise, giving You praiseFrom sunkissed islands and even where the cold wind blowswe’re giving you praise, giving you praise Even in the night when the sun goes downwe’re giving you praisepassing it along as the world goes roundwe’re giving you … Read more

I’d reach for the stars

Audio Backing Track I’d reach, for the starsClimb the highest mountainRun a million milesSwim the widest seaJump over the moonThat’s how much I love youI’d do anything for you my Lord What can I say, what can I do?To show you Jesus that I love youI give you my heart, I give you my songOh … Read more

A time to mourn

Audio Backing Track Lyrics A time to mourn and a time to danceA time to weep and a time to laughThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeA time for silence and a time to speakA time to fight and a time for peaceThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeThough the grass will wither … Read more