Here I am Bowed

Audio and sheet music coming soon Here I’m Bowed, kneeling nowin the stillness of this time I long to make you mineHere I’m bowed, kneeling nowI’ve opened up my heartsurrendered every part 1. I look to YouYou give me hopeI know you’ll see me throughAnd when I need you Lord you are thereand if I stumble, … Read more

Have you not seen?

Audio Backing Track Have you not seen? Have you not seen, have you not heard?The Lord is pouring his Spirit outHave you not seen, have you not heard?The Lord is pouring his Spirit out today Come Lord Jesus, more of you we cryOpen heaven, answer with your fire Fire on the church, rain on the … Read more

All the world can offer

All the world can offer, none of it compares with youAll the gold and silver can’t replace the God I loveAll the world sees precious, one day it will fade awayand all its greatest treasures, they are worth nothing compared to you Because you love me, because you called mebecause you save me I’m not … Read more

To be with you

Audio Backing Track I love to be with you JesusListening to your voiceAnd when I hear you speak my nameMy heart and soul rejoice And it you said “Jump” I’d jump for joyAnd if you said “Run” I’d run to your sideAnd it you said “Leap” I’d take a leap of faith And if you said … Read more

See the love of God poured out

Audio Backing Track 1. See the love of God poured outLook to the crossGaze upon the one we piercedLook to the crossSee him taste the bitter wineLook to the cross‘It is finished’ was his cryLook to the cross Look to the crossThere the King of Love was lifted up for all the world to seeLook … Read more

Lord we lift you high

Audio Backing Track Lord we lift you high when we praise your nameWhen we worship you and our hands are raisedThat is how we lift you upLord we lift you high when we tell the truthWhen we give our best in everything we doThat is how we lift you up By our voices be lifted, … Read more

Let us run

Audio Backing Track Let us run with perseverance the race set out before usLet us fix our eyes on JesusThe author and perfector of our faith (x2) In the beginning the Word was with GodThrough him all of us were madeHe began a work in us, a good work to perfectUntil he returns again Since … Read more

In the Spirit I rise

Audio Backing Track In the Spirit I rise, riseI rise to your callIn the Spirit I rise, riseI rise up to your call (x2) I have put my trust in GodFather, Spirit, SonWhen he calls me to comeThen I know I must respondI rise in the Spirit of love When things seem too hard for … Read more

I’d reach for the stars

Audio Backing Track I’d reach, for the starsClimb the highest mountainRun a million milesSwim the widest seaJump over the moonThat’s how much I love youI’d do anything for you my Lord What can I say, what can I do?To show you Jesus that I love youI give you my heart, I give you my songOh … Read more

I reach up high

Audio Backing Track I reach up high, I touch the groundI stomp my feet and I turn aroundI’ve got to praise the LordI jump and dance with all my mightI might look funny but that’s alrightI’ve got to praise the Lord I’ll do anything just for my GodCos he’s done everything for meIt doesn’t matter … Read more