Spotify and all that

One thing I have neglected to do is to get all of our past recordings on Spotify and other platforms. Three of them are there, and the latest recording and CD, “Sing Lullaby”, is the first one that we released fully on all streaming platforms from the outset, so it has been interesting for me to compare the experience with previous recordings that physically distributed only.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that towards the end of last year, listeners picked up significantly to around 10,000 per month, and has settled down recently to around 2,500. Before we added Sing Lullaby, there would only be a couple of hundred per month.

We have done no real active promotion of the recording, so this has been organic growth. There is no doubt that streaming allows the songs to reach listeners who would never have previously come across them, or bought a CD. I will leave aside for now the economics of who gets what from streaming royalties between artists, publishers and the platforms themselves!

If you have the time to scoot to Spotify and follow me as an artist, that would be greatly appreciated – thank you! Here is the link…

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