Family Worship Songbook



From the back cover, by Roger Forster:
“Having the privilege to visit many churches throughout the UK makes me aware of how many are using these family worship songs. This compilation songbook by Mike Burn is an invaluable resource of songs born out of genuine all age fellowship, relationship and common love for Jesus.”

From the foreword, by Graham Kendrick:
“The challenge of leading worship when all ages are present is one which can daunt many service and worship leaders! The old adage that “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” is one which can sometimes seem far too appropriate for all-age services. Do you use “children’s songs” at the risk of patronising the youth; do you use “youth songs” at the risk of alienating the adults; do you use “adult songs” at the risk of failing to engage the children and youth?

Where the Family Worship collection of songs really comes into its own is in the provision of a broad range of material that crosses the (artificial) boundaries that can be perceived to exist between worship for adults, children and youth. The songs have lyrics that are accessible to children, yet acceptable to adults, and they have a depth and weight that is sometimes lacking in the “lighter” type of songs that sometimes tend to be used in all-age services. The musical styles are very varied, and it is this variety that gives the collection its strength – in using a selection of the songs in any one service, you will go a long way towards ensuring that there really is something for everyone.

I have known Mike Burn for many years, and have watched as he has developed, not only in his own writing, but also in encouraging other writers from a grass roots level in our own church, Ichthus Christian Fellowship, and from other churches, to write songs that will serve the church in worship. I have no hesitation in warmly recommending this collection of songs to you.”