I Pray


I pray when the sun is shining 
Pray when a storm brings lightning 
Pray when the winds are strong and knock me back 
I pray when my world is rosy 
Pray when it all goes crazy 
Pray, come what may, I know that God is near 

I pray because my God is great
I pray with love, with hope, with faith 

I pray for my friends and family 
Pray for my home and country 
Pray for the suffering children: hear their cry 
I pray for God’s will to be done 
Pray for His brilliant kingdom 
Pray that the world would know how good God is 

I pray when a friend needs healing 
Pray, and I’ll keep believing 
Pray, though my faith is sometimes oh so small
I pray because God is faithful 
Pray for his word is truthful 
Pray for I know that God still heals today 

Mike Burn
© 2006 Rising Generation Music

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