Have you not seen?

Audio Backing Track Have you not seen? Have you not seen, have you not heard?The Lord is pouring his Spirit outHave you not seen, have you not heard?The Lord is pouring his Spirit out today Come Lord Jesus, more of you we cryOpen heaven, answer with your fire Fire on the church, rain on the … Read more

Calling on the Spirit

Backing Track Calling on the Spirit (echo)Holy Spirit (echo)Come down to us (echo)In fire and rain (echo)Fire brings us holiness (echo)Purity and passion (echo)Rain revives us (echo)Gives us hope again We’ve been waiting, now’s the timeHear our hearts, hear our cryLet the Spirit move on everyoneLet the fire fall, let the rain come down Calling … Read more


Audio Backing Track My soul thirsts for you, my soul thirsts for youLike a dry land, like a dry land cries out for rainMy soul thirsts for you, my soul thirsts for youLike a dry land, like a dry land cries out Open heaven, pour down your SpiritLike a waterfall (x4) I need more of … Read more

Rising Generation

Audio Backing Track We are God’s chosen holy nationWe belong to him aloneAnd may this rising generationWorship Christ upon his throneWorship Christ upon his throne We believe in God the FatherAnd in Christ his precious SonWe believe he died to save usCame to call us as his own We believe he sends his SpiritOn us … Read more

Love rain down

Audio Backing Track Let it rain, let it rain, let it rainLet it rain on every nation (x2) Take our hearts as fuel for the fireNow is the time to see your powerTake our prayers as abundant rainOpen up the floodgates of heavenLet the trumpet sound and the rain come down Love rain down, down … Read more

Lord we cry out

Audio Backing Track Lord we cry out to youLord we cry out to youHave mercy, have mercy on us Open our eyes to seeOpen our eyes to seeWe want to see, we want to see you Lord we will follow youLord we will follow youWe’ll follow you, we’ll follow in the way of truth Wes … Read more

Let praise break out

Audio Backing Track Let praise break out and let worship flowGod’s name be praised and his glory known (x2) Build up build up the highwayRaise a banner for the nationsRighteousness, righteousness and praiseShall spring up before all nationsSee your Saviour comes, see your Saviour comesSo let praise break out and let worship flow Mike Burn© … Read more

Fly Free

Audio Backing Track Fly free, Spirit of GodFly free, free as a doveDraw me up in your flights of loveShow me all that you seeHelp me to feel what you feelReveal the Father’s heart for this land The Spirit of God is broodingOver this landThe Spirit of God is singingOf the Father’s plansThe Spirit of … Read more

Crossing over

Audio Backing Track We are not going back where we came fromWe are not going to stay where we areWe have come a long way alreadyNow the new land is not far Crossing over, leave behind the desert sandCrossing over into the life that God has plannedCrossing over, Jesus takes us by the handCrossing over … Read more

Dance on the streets

Audio Backing Track I’m gonna dance on the streetsI’m gonna sing in the rainFor the Spirit of GodIs poured out againI’m gonna shout it aloudI’m gonna let the world knowThat the river of GodHas started to flow And we sing Jesus, Jesus comeOh we will lift your name on highYou are the Son of God, … Read more