Your name is wonderful

Audio Backing Track Your name is wonderful, CounsellorAlmighty God, Prince of peaceFather evermoreYou sing us songs of joyAnd righteousnessMighty God, Sovereign LordYou reign over all I’m gonna praise your name, JesusPraise your name, JesusPraise your nameAll of my days Glory, you reignGlory, you reignGlory Na na na na na na na na naGlory (x3) Jo … Read more

You are the best

Audio Backing Track You are the best, better than all the restJesus, you’re the best (x2) Jesus we love you because you died upon the crossThank you Lord for dying for our sinsWhen we feel that life is like a storm you give your peaceAnd when we need you, Lord you rescue us Thank you, … Read more

Peace Child

Audio Backing Track Who could have dared to dream itWho would have dared to hope?That the author of creationShould become as one of usThe God who is everywhereChose to be confinedTo a moment in historyThe birth of a childAnd an ocean of love poured outA fountain of grace sprang upAnd the voice of God could … Read more

Don’t worry

Audio Backing Track Oh don’t worry about anythingBut in all your prayers ask God for what you need with a thankful heart (x2)And the peace of God beyond all understandingWill keep your heart and mind safe in Christ JesusSo don’t worry Mike Burn© 1998 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

A rainfall in drought

Audio A rainfall in drought, the birth of the kingYou had no beauty to draw us near The price for our peace, the shedblood of GodYour body pierced, your spirit crushed  O Lord you’ve revealed your redeeming plan in the sight of the nationsthat the ends of the earth may see your great salvation,by your … Read more

A time to mourn

Audio Backing Track Lyrics A time to mourn and a time to danceA time to weep and a time to laughThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeA time for silence and a time to speakA time to fight and a time for peaceThe Lord makes everything beautiful in its timeThough the grass will wither … Read more