See the love of God poured out

Audio Backing Track 1. See the love of God poured outLook to the crossGaze upon the one we piercedLook to the crossSee him taste the bitter wineLook to the cross‘It is finished’ was his cryLook to the cross Look to the crossThere the King of Love was lifted up for all the world to seeLook … Read more

Let praise break out

Audio Backing Track Let praise break out and let worship flowGod’s name be praised and his glory known (x2) Build up build up the highwayRaise a banner for the nationsRighteousness, righteousness and praiseShall spring up before all nationsSee your Saviour comes, see your Saviour comesSo let praise break out and let worship flow Mike Burn© … Read more

Dance on the streets

Audio Backing Track I’m gonna dance on the streetsI’m gonna sing in the rainFor the Spirit of GodIs poured out againI’m gonna shout it aloudI’m gonna let the world knowThat the river of GodHas started to flow And we sing Jesus, Jesus comeOh we will lift your name on highYou are the Son of God, … Read more

Christ before me

Audio Backing Track Christ before meChrist above meChrist beneath meChrist besideChrist my visionChrist my wisdomChrist my comfortChrist my guide I bind unto myself this dayThe strong and holy namePraise to the mighty God of my salvationThree in one and one in threeI bind unto myself this day the strong nameOf the holy Trinity Mike Burn© … Read more

A rainfall in drought

Audio A rainfall in drought, the birth of the kingYou had no beauty to draw us near The price for our peace, the shedblood of GodYour body pierced, your spirit crushed  O Lord you’ve revealed your redeeming plan in the sight of the nationsthat the ends of the earth may see your great salvation,by your … Read more