When you pray

Audio Backing Track When you pray, go into your own roomWhen you pray, close the door (x2)Pray to Father, who is unseenAnd your Father, who sees what you doHe’ll reward you When you pray, don’t use lots of long wordsWhen you pray, as some people doThey think if their prayers go on for agesGod will … Read more

Turn the hearts of the fathers

Audio Backing Track We will turn the hearts of the fathersSo they will look again to their childrenWe will turn the hearts the childrenSo that together we can look to you The young and the old now standing togetherLooking to Jesus to carry us throughAll different races, all different agesAll of us here for your … Read more

Some days are not easy

Audio Backing Track Some days are not easySome days are toughSometimes people hurt you and you’ve just had enoughWhere have all your friends gone, who can you findTo listen to the worries that spin round in your mind Tell me what shall I do, who can I trustWho will be with me and won’t let … Read more

If you believe

Audio Backing Track If you believe, you will receiveWhatever you ask for in prayer (x2)Matthew 21, verse 22 Mike Burn© 1998 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming soon Other videos

If we admit to God that we’ve done wrong

Audio Backing Track If we admit to God that we’ve done wrong(I’m really sorry Lord)He says he will forgive usAnd he will keep his promiseHe will make us clean on the inside (Repeat) All his promises are trueLet him make them true for you (repeat) Kath Fathers© 1993 Rising Generation Music Official RGM videos coming … Read more