From where the sun rises

1. From where the sun rises, even to the place it goes downwe’re giving You praise, giving You praiseFrom sunkissed islands and even where the cold wind blowswe’re giving you praise, giving you praise Even in the night when the sun goes downwe’re giving you praisepassing it along as the world goes roundwe’re giving you … Read more

Turn the hearts of the fathers

Audio Backing Track We will turn the hearts of the fathersSo they will look again to their childrenWe will turn the hearts the childrenSo that together we can look to you The young and the old now standing togetherLooking to Jesus to carry us throughAll different races, all different agesAll of us here for your … Read more

Healing River

Audio Backing Track Through the cross Jesus you triumphedBy your blood you bought our peaceWhere there once was death and separationYour healing river flows  Let it flow, let it flowLet the healing river flowGracious God we cry to youLet the healing river flow  Bind up wounds within our homes, LordReconcile husbands and wivesTurn the fathers’ … Read more

Father’s seeking

Audio Backing Track Father’s seeking those who’ll worship himWorship him in Spirit and in truthFrom every nation, each generationFather, teach your people how to sing Sing a new song, with one voiceHear the instruments now rejoiceLet their music stir us up to praiseLifting hearts up full of loveLifting holy hands to our GodJoining angels singing … Read more