Oh I’m fighting

Audio Backing Track Oh I’m fighting, but not against peopleIt’s a battle of good and evilBut I don’t need a gunI don’t need a swordI don’t need sticks and I don’t need stonesMy weapons are not of this world  I’ll fight with a prayer of faithI’ll fight with a shout of praiseAnd my weapon is … Read more

Lord help me to tell your story

Audio Backing Track Lord help me to tell your storyTo those who’ve never heardHow you lived and died for usYou are the way to God I want to go, Lord, in your powerTelling the story of your nameI want to say what you said, do what you didTell the world the reason you came Lord … Read more

I’m putting God’s armour on

Audio Backing Track I’m putting God’s armour onI’m putting God’s armour onSo I can stand in his mightFight for what is rightAnd walk in the light of the Lord I put on the breastplate of righteousnessPut truth around my waist like a beltI put on the shoes to announce Good NewsGood News of peace in … Read more

Christ before me

Audio Backing Track Christ before meChrist above meChrist beneath meChrist besideChrist my visionChrist my wisdomChrist my comfortChrist my guide I bind unto myself this dayThe strong and holy namePraise to the mighty God of my salvationThree in one and one in threeI bind unto myself this day the strong nameOf the holy Trinity Mike Burn© … Read more